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Stressed eating

I meant to post earlier than this but our internet connection has slowed to a crawl today, so not cool. Like most families in our area it’s spring break right now so I’ve been stuck at home with all four of my kids this week. Bring on the stressed eating binges. I’ve been trying really hard to be good lately but somehow I found comfort in eating this week. At least I’ve been exercising hopefully that will help me keep the weight off ūüė¶

Any ways lets start by sharing breakfast. (I know it’s after dinner)

On the bottom theres blueberries, then Chobani vanilla yogurt topped with Kashi berry blossoms and Cascadian Farms fruit and nut granola (dont knock it till you try it). I also had a cup of tea and half a cinnamon roll that didnt make the photo (cant keep my hands off the sweets this week).

My daughter Victoria had to be to the Drs. office today because Friday night she dislocated her kneecap and then my son Damian had an appointment with another Dr. so in between time we grabbed lunch at fazolis.

Wow I guess thats not a great picture, in my defense it was my first time I had to take a picture was in a restaurant and it felt awkward. For 3.99 there was pizza fettuccine alfredo and spaghetti

With a breadstick!

I ate the pizza the breadstick and a bit of each of the pastas before handing the plate over to Duane. Here are my lunch dates.

Two of my guys

14 year olds dont believe in smiling

We then went to Farmers market where I bought some asparagus to roast for dinner, and two muffins and six donuts :/

When we finally made it home I played catch with my son while Duane went to pick up our other two boys from my mother-in-laws house. Then it was an an afternoon of raking leaves out of the flowerbed and watching the kids play.

concert in the park

Once we got home I¬†scarfed¬†another whole cinnamon roll. Duane said in the car on the way home he thought that by my having started a healthy eating blog it would make me¬†more accountable¬†for what I ate and that I would start eating better again. It has and every time I eat something I think about what my readers would think. I dont think it would be fair for me not to add my¬†slip ups¬†as well as my accomplishments. I want everyone to know I’m human too and that I’m gonna fall off the¬†wagon¬†occasionally.

This week I not only fell off but I think the wagon left me. I didnt count on being home with a cranky teenager who’s not feeling her best, or that it would be cold¬†and¬†rainy the first half of the week ¬†so everyone was syuck inside. I didnt think I¬†‘d get so worked up and want to do nothing but eat. But now I feel a load off my shoulders having basically confessed to the world and I can start fresh tomorrow and work on doing¬†everything¬†right.

I dont want to take away from that woohoo moment but I must add dinner here as well. It was getting late and we stayed outside a really long time messing with these gals

Yes we have six chickens

That I decided on making up a couple of frozen pizzas

They were Frechetas thin crust one was all vegetable and the other had some meat on it. I was the only one who liked the veggie one so I ended up eating most of it. Duane had a¬†piece¬†and my friend Bobbijo was over and she tried a slice. The kids werent enthused at all, so I had to make a third plain old pepperoni pizza for them. Than I ate a donut and had a cup of tea. I f¬†you’ve¬†stuck around and read this far thanks. Back tomorrow,goodnight ūüôā


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My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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