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Cooking together

I  bought a wok in February and after letting it sit in it’s package for two months I finally got it out and used it tonight. My hubby and I made chicken and veggie stir fry. I love having Duane help because touching raw meat grosses me out and he doesn’t mind cutting up meat for me.

While Duane cut up the chicken, I started the rice and prepped the asparagus I bought at the Farmers Market yesterday.

After snapping off the tough ends I sprayed the pan and the asparagus with Pam cooking spray, then sprinkled garlic and herb seasoning on them. Because I didnt want them to be to crunchy or too done I set the timer for five minutes then stirred them around then repeated three more times.

While I started the meat Duane chopped up a green pepper. I put some soy sauce and some salt and pepper in the chicken. When the chicken was done we added the green pepper and some Schwans mixed vegetables.

And a big scoop of minced garlic because I’m obsessed with the stuff. Duane then decided he wanted some kind of sauce in it to make it juicier so he took some chicken broth and corn starch to make a gravy.

At first we were worried it was too juicy but after it cooked another minute or two it looked better. I also made just a piece of chicken for the picky boy (Damian). When I prepped my plate for the picture Duane said it wasnt fancy enough and fixed it up for it’s photo.

Isnt it pretty

This is what it actually looked like

Only Vicky and Cedric ate the stir fry and  only Cedric liked the asparagus, Duane and Wyatt wouldn’t even try it. It’s time to think of something new to convince them to eat 🙂  I enjoyed cooking with my husband tonight it makes things go so much smoother with a bit of help. I think this is the only thing healthy I’ve made all week, lets see if I can keep this up. Good night all!


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My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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