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If it isn’t attached

I lose everything, keys, my purse, the puppy (she likes to sleep under my bed), and sometimes the kids. I bet it drives our friends nuts but I think everytime we go out they get to here me say “wheres Cedric” that kid is so fast. Well tonight I’ve lost the cord to download my camera. I’ll probably have to clean in order to find it (please dont make me). Flylady needs to just come and take over because I’m not doing so hot at following her suggestions, but I wont get into the cleanliness of my house (or lack there of) till some other time, so for now I’ll just throw random photos in to keep you from getting bored 🙂


Have you seen me?

Todays breakfast was most boring, tea and toast with Polaner All Fruit, strawberry flavor. Then I went for a walk with Duanes parents and the twins on the trails around the hospital down the road. Just picture some geese in your mind and you’ll see the pictures I took today :(.  The sun hid as soon as we got there and it became super windy, then when we got home the sun came out again. Just gotta love Michigan in the springtime.

can you see me?

Lunch today was  Morningstar southwest blackbean burgers on an Aunt Millies sandwich thin for all three of us, the twins love them. No sides today because I need to go to the grocery store and baby carrots just didnt sound appealing.

bring on the burgers Mama

I’ve been craving barbecue lately so I put a pork loin in the slowcooker this morning and when it was done I made pulled pork sandwiches for us. On the side we had roasted brussel sprouts and coleslaw that Duane so kindly made for us. I thought dinner was pretty awesome tonight 🙂

Yeah, but you didnt share!

Well I’m off to go bug my husband while he works and see If I cant find that cord, Goodnight.



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My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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