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Homemade goodies and Easter Dinner

I had a case of the lazies and losingthingsness and a bit of the dropsies this last weekend. (dont you love how I make up my own words, I learned it from my Father in Law)

Let me share with you what I managed to get done this weekend.  On Thursday I did the most important thing, I finally made brownies and took a picture to share.


My daughter had a friend over so I felt the need to make my kids favorite dessert. I only sprinkle the nut on top instead of mixing because not all my kids like them. I use a basic brownie recipe from Better Homes and Gardens, you know the big plaid cookbook. Being a newbie I haven’t yet figured hoe to link you to sites and recipes but I think I’m going to try to figure out how to make a recipe page so I can share a few of my favorites.

Saturday I made Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups recipe can be found at I forgot to add salt to the peanut butter and all I had was crunchy peanut butter they still turned out pretty tasty though.

And unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the finished project, but they were good 🙂

I intended to get right at the marshmallow making , but between the kids and the dogs I didnt get started till later in the evening (like 11:30 later) but by then I the kids were in bed and I ended up with a great assistant.

 Not a great picture, Oh well he’ll forgive me.

This recipe is called Emily’s famous marshmallows and can also be found at

Duane made the syrup

 I poured in the unflavored gelatin.

Duane started beating the egg whites till the formed soft peaks then I slowly pored in the syrup mixture.

Then the mix had to be beaten till it formed stiff peaks, Duane started to do this then passed the beaters to me. This is the most time consuming out of the whole project.

When thats finally ready it has to be poured into a pan thats been dusted with confectioners sugar.

And left to sit eight hours.

They were a bit soft so they wont be good for roasting.

 Sunday My Mother in law cooked. My sister in law made potatoes and dessert.

Heres the spread

My sister in law Pam and her kids made this, Cute!

I didnt take a picture of my plate, but I tried to be good and at least taste everything. Now it’s time to get back on track and get back to eating right.

It’s Meatless Monday! Lets see if the kids go for it 🙂


About withasideofbrownies

My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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