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Newly addicted to Iced Coffee

I have been reading about Iced coffee for weeks on Runeatrepeat and Carrotsncake, I’ve had Iced Coffee from McDonald’s and wasnt a fan. Last night my Hubby asked me if I wanted some coffee and I decided I would make Iced Coffee (teachers feel free to critique my punctuation and over/under use of capital letters) well I forgot I put the coffee in the fridge until about 11:30 last night and since I still wanted it made some anyways. Good stuff, now I bet your waiting for me to say I was up all night, nope I drank my coffee and went to bed. I’m a mom to twins when I crash I crash hard whether I’ve just had coffee or not, the future may be different when I’m not spending my days chasing five-year olds and cleaning  toys/spills/puppy poo.

Ok, so last night I fell off the meatless eating wagon and grilled some Barbecue pork chops

We also had roasted Brussel Sprouts and a weird homemade kind of mac and cheese. I cooked some egg noodles and added some frozen mixed veggies and some Velveeta with a splash of milk. You gotta love my recipes they’re so exact. When I cook and something comes to mind I just do it, it hasn’t occurred to me to write anything down yet 🙂 I also snacked (grazed) on Pineapple most of the day yesterday.

Last night I realized that when I downloaded my camera there were 20 picture and not one of them was of my kids, it was all food. So to make it up to my kids I’ve decided to torture them all morning and take pictures, here’s a few. My daughter wasnt around to get her pic taken but being at the tender age of 14 she prefers not having it done anyways.

Damian and Nani

Wyatt and Cedric the super heroes

After goofing around on the computer most of the morning, and creating my own e-mail address all by myself no help from the computer whiz husband  thank you very much 🙂 and there will soon be a FB page too! I finally got around to making a  fattening breakfast. When I asked the boys if they wanted eggs Wyatt told me he didnt want round (fried) eggs he wanted weird ones meaning scrambled.  Duane is so much better at making eggs than I am he can even toss them in the air and flip them, but since he wasnt here I was left to do it myself.

Duane lets them cook all the way on the bottom like a omlette so they wont stick to the pan so badly than lifts and lets the raw part run under the cooked part before he choppes it up and finishes cooking it, so I tried it too. They weren’t pretty and once I added cheese there really was no hope for the pan. I made bacon in the oven and it was still kind of chewy, I ate two pieces and part of a third before I started feeling sick  from all the grease I don’t  know what brand it was, but I think I’ve been spoiled by the Nueskies bacon my friend gave me in exchange for some pumpkins last Halloween, so good.

chewy bacon and "weird" eggs

And my new love, Iced coffee


My apologies to Monica and Tina for not giving everyone direct access to your sites, I’m still trying to figure out the links thing (explains why I gave everyone a link to capital letters)anyways, I’m off to do something productive (cleaning blah) before I head to the gym for a  kick boxing  class, later alligator.


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My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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