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Good Veggie Bad Veggie

Yesterday was one of those rare days I get out of the house and do something other than watch kids and clean (laugh track goes here, me clean, funny) Duane has a small lawn care business and occasionally I tag along to help.

me being helpful, can't you tell?

We got off to a late start because it was cold and a bit wet so after dropping the kids off at my Mom in-laws we finally arrived at our first lawn around noon. We did about two before Duane decided it was lunch time so we headed on over to Tropical Smoothie Cafe because I had a Living Social Coupon.

Duane ordered a Southwest Chicken salad that looked really good and I figured since I had the coupon I’d try something new so I ordered a Hummus Veggie Sandwich. Sorry about the lighting, we ate in the truck.

Um, where's all the veggies?

I was really disappointed in the sandwich, it had no flavor and I felt like a little kid tearing away the crust to get to the stuff on the inside, I ate it anyways because we still had a long day ahead of us. I’m already working in my head how I can improve this by making it at home, definitely have to be rid of that bread. I also had a Lean Machine smoothie which was really good. Later we stopped for drinks and I bought a XXX Vitamin Water and some way too salty cashews.

Once we were finally done with the lawns we thought we’d pick up some Chinese food to take home for the kids and in-laws, but it turns out everybody had already eaten. More for us 😉

We called China Jade and ordered some Vegetable Lo Mien(sp) and some Vegetable Fried Rice. I really like China Jade because you can see right into the kitchen and see everything they do and because of this you know they have to be clean.

While maybe not the most healthy it certainly made up for the flavorless lunch I consumed. Then we got showers and headed up to my In Laws for dessert.

All cleaned up

Thursday was my Mother in Laws birthday so last night we had a dessert filled get together

Cookies by Sis in Law Kristin

Chocolate ice cream cake

I ate way too much last night and ended up with a tummy ache. Too much Chinese and I also filled a 36oz tumbler with Iced Coffee. We had a great time chatting with friend and family and making future plans to get together again and take the kids to The Zoo.

some cake and a dessert my friend Heidi made

Duane has deserted me today to hang out with his Parts Express speaker forum friends to listen to speakers and do whatever else Speaker Nerds do (I love you, Honey) so the kids and I are going to clean up the yard and get ready for spring planting (if it ever warms up here), bye.

ps. I have a With a side of Brownies Facebook page now, come “Like” me. (sorry still clueless about links)


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My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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