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Mothers Day Tea

And with that you can already tell this is going to be a picture heavy post 🙂

Every year one of the third grade teacher at my sons elementary school puts on a Mothers Day Tea and as luck would have, Damian got to be her student this year! I will admit at first I didn’t really want to go, I feel so out-of-place sometimes. With my daughters class it seems like all the other parents are so much older because I was only 17 when I had her. Now I with the other moms in Damians class I just feel left out because I have the bad kid in class (not a bully, but not an angel either) . Damian really wanted me to go so at the last-minute (the night before) I e-mailed the teacher and asked if I could still come, and of course she said yes.

It was just the cutest, When I got to the door of the library I was given a yellow rose and a little book (in the above picture) by a couple of little girls. Then a little boy greeted me and asked who I was there for , held out his arm and escorted me to my table.

My son and presents, best day ever!

Damian wrote me a book, and I was given a bag with a little candle holder and  a framed picture of Damian.

Needless to say I was a pretty happy mom at this point

An eight year old took our picture, he did pretty good I think.

Then the kids read us poems and put on a little play for us. Damian was a good sport and took some pictures of the food for me.

The kids all served their moms, I started off with hot tea and switched to lemonade pretty quickly I forgot to take a picture of my plate but I can tell you Damian brought me lots of sweets. After the tea party we were allowed to take our kids out to lunch if we’d like, and since Damian was being so adorable what mom could resist. So we went to Burger King. were I ended up not doing much better in the eating department.

whopper jr

We ended up in the play room and then like all good moms I lost track of time and forgot to take my kid back to school 🙂 Actually there were a couple of home schooled kids there and Damian was getting along so well I hated to take him away, plus they weren’t doing any work that afternoon so we stayed.

Mr. Speedy Cedric I wasn't fast enough to get a good pic of him

Heres Wyatt!

It’s been a busy week and not one where my eating has been the best. I managed to squeeze a workout in  yesterday between n appointment for Cedric and our monthly Beekeepers meeting. Duane was home yesterday so I had time to go for a run sort of) according to my Garmin my fastest pace was 7:05 but obviously I didn’t keep that up long because my average pace was nearly 15 minutes per mile (ouch). Part of the problem was I stopped because the puppy was chasing me and I didn’t pause the Garmin right and another issue was that my feet and shins started to hurt. My shoes are pretty old so I think they might be the problem, not that I’m normally fast or anything I’m still closer to the C in the C to 5K program :p

I came home and did some Sparkpeople generated Strength training for my arms. I’m sore today, but it’s the good kind of sore that lets me know I did it right yesterday 🙂

Well now I seriously need to go straighten up the house because we are having friends over tonight for a fire (smores). Tomorrow we’re heading for the Detroit Zoo, fun packed weekend ahead, bye


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My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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