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Chickens & chicken

I’ve been meaning to blog everyday , but it’s been so nice outside I get wrapped up with doing other things and then by the time I get everyone settled down for the night I’m exhausted. It’ been a fun week, Duane took some PTO  so he could get some work done around the house.  Of course the only thing he’s accomplished is building a chicken coop and messed around with speakers (nerd) 😉

Yesterday I started to go on a run and for the first mile I improved my time by almost three minutes (10:30), I was breathing so hard I felt like people could hear me in their houses, I’m sure it was just my imagination (I hope) I didn’t do so hot on the way home. On my way back the road grader came along and since I had no desire to become roadkill I stepped away from the road and walked in  a field for about a half a mile, not fun.

Last night for dinner I made an attempt at sweet potato fries to go with our hamburgers

They look good, but they were kind of smooshy. They didn’t go over well with the family.

Today the egg came first, Duane made us breakfast burritos which I of course forgot to photograph because I got mad blogger skills, and I’m good at things like that :p Ok, that was dumb but I’m weird like that. Anyways I had a living social coupon for El Charitos  (Davison, MI) so we packed up the kids and went out to lunch.

Cedric, me, Wyatt

We had a problem with blurry pictures while we were there so there’s no picture of Duane. They gave us salsa, but we had to  buy the chips.

We’re sure they were homemade, they were good but greasy. We couldn’t finish the basket. Duane ordered a chicken chimi and I ordered the chicken taco salad, I don’t usually order chicken, I prefer beef in my Mexican food.

The salad was only OK, Duanes food was pretty good. I liked Cedric’s the best he ordered a beef wet burrito (not pictured) It had pieces of steak in it and a red sauce on top.

This year we decided to buy live chickens and raise them as layers. The chicks have been living in a box in our basement for two months. Last week Duane brought home a bigger box because the could watch us over the top of the old one. Today we went down into the basement and the chickens had escaped and were wandering around. We decided that even though the coop wasnt 100% finished they could move in.

The chair is there because the kids have claimed it as their clubhouse this week, this morning the bus driver told us it was a nice bus house. Duane got the roosts in and we kicked the kids out, locked up the dogs and herded the chickens out of the basement ( we have a walkout basement)

I think we had too much fun herding the chickens 🙂

After we finally got them safely in their little house it was time to make dinner, we had chicken legs of course.

actually the kids had chicken legs (I’m not a fan) Duane and I had porterhouse steak (we bought a quarter of a cow a few months ago, that’s why we have hamburgers so much)

On the side we had Schwans baby bakers, and mixed vegetables. No I didn’t eat the whole steak, I shared with my oldest son who has two hollow legs, and I saved some for the dogs.

It’s been beautiful here weather wise I hope all this nice sunshine lasts for a while (I heard it snowed up north yesterday) In a few days I’ll share more craziness with everyone. We will be (Duane will anyways) installing our bees into their hive. This is our second year and hopefully things go better this year than last. Have a nice night everyone.

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My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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  1. I love Groupons!!! And I always prefer beef in my Mexican food too for some reason.


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