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Still learning how to cook

I’ve had quite a few since I’ve been living on my own and had to cook for myself. My mother never really taught me. I was already a mom when I moved out and one would think that I’d know a bit about cooking and nutrition by then, but sadly no. We ate out almost every night. I cooked now and then but it was mostly boxed food, and neither Duane nor I had any idea how to grill. after many years of mistakes I can follow a recipe (mostly) and make up things on my own (I’m not a great baker) but healthy was not how I cooked.

Changing my cooking style to match my new lifestyle has been challenging. New ingredients to learn about, I still haven’t figured out quinoa yet, I know how to cook it but haven’t yet turned it into anything that makes me say “I love quinoa”.

Reading blogs has helped allot I’ve learned some new recipes, and that roasted vegetables is the way to go. I’ve been able to get  50% of my family to eat brussels sprouts now.

Yesterday I decided to try tofu on the fam for the first time ever. I’ve been planning to spring it on them for some time and was trying to figure out how to cook it when I read the Faith Fitness Fun blog where Tina had baked some tofu and added it to a stir fry. I thought well I can do that (notice there are no pictures of last nights dinner), I bought the tofu then I read you needed to press it so I asked on Twitter how to press it. Sharla said put it between two towels and put a heavy book on top turn over in 15 minutes. I should have posted I was clueless about the prep before pressing as well. I drained the tofu, put it on some paper towel on a plate, and set a book on top, smash. I flipped it put the book back and walked away disgusted with myself. when I came back I picked the book back up and It was then that I noticed the book I had Cooking Light, Way to Cook, Duh. The book has instructions on cooking tofu, I should have sliced it first then did all that other stuff.

The tofu was mushy so we had various leftovers instead. I’ll have to try again soon now that I’m armed with my new knowledge of things tofu :p

Now since I have no good food pictures I’ll leave you with a picture of something cute and fuzzy.


About withasideofbrownies

My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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  1. Aunt Marilyn

    Good try, Annette. Tip…not all tofu is created equal. The really firm stuff you can put a book on, but most of it in regular stores call themselves firm, but they aren’t. If you start with mushy tofu, you will end with mushy tofu…get some from a health food store made locally if you can find it. Love your blogs.

  2. My husband was a slow adopter of tofu and brussels sprouts but now he LOVES them.

    I use firm or extra firm tofu almost exclusively, and after years of pressing it with giant weights and half a roll of paper towels, I got the Tofu Xpress and freaking LOVE it.

    I’m vegetarian, so I eat a lot of tofu and you can press, drain and marinate all in the same little plastic box. Worthy buying if you think you’d use it enough.


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