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Random thoughts and peanut butter

Sorry I’ve been kind of MIA most of this week. I’ve been exercising again and since I don’t get started early enough it takes a big chunk out of the middle of my day. I enjoy the few minutes of quiet I have after the two big kids get on the bus and the two little guys are still asleep. I end up on Twitter and Facebook and start reading emails when I should be making breakfast and working out. Then th boys get up and then I make breakfast and workout. It’s so cute when they try to do it with me.

Today for breakfast I had apple slices with peanut butter and a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich, PB&J just sounded really good this morning.

The granola is homemade I got the recipe from Julies blog you can find the recipe here. Mine always turns out kind of chewy but it tastes good.

Julies awesome blog this morning really had me thinking about my future and what I wanted for me and this blog. A huge life changing event happened just over a week ago and only a handful of family and friends know so far, but My husband lost his job, and now we are thinking allot about where we are going to go from here. Duane didn’t finish college, I didn’t go at all. Most jobs out there that will support our family the best require a degree of some sort. I was thinking about going to school once the twins started kindergarten next year, this may be just the kick in the pants I need. I’ll let you know as we figure it all out.

Today was a beautiful day for the first time in a week it wasnt raining nor was it 90 degrees outside so I decided the twins and I could have lunch outside.

my boring spinach chicken salad

PB&J and cheese for the boys

this will be one of the last times it will be just the three of us again, in two weeks the older kids are out of school for the summer and in the fall Cedric and Wyatt will be getting on the bus for kindergarten. Makes me tear up a bit just writing that.

We of course had our furry friends with us.

It’s not a great picture but I cant get the puppy to sit still. My big girl would like to sometime but the baby wont leave her alone 🙂

On another note I was up two pounds this last week but am down one now. I think the heat had allot to do with the gain. I’m sure my getting back into exercising had allot to do with the loss. We have been eating more salad again and watching out more for what we put into our bodies. We have already started our garden and some peas and corn are stating to grow, tomorrow we plan to get more things planted. I cant wait for some fresh grown cukes.

I’m pretty boring most of the time but if you’d like you can follow me on Twitter or “like” me on FB.

I’m going on a field trip in the morning with Damian so i better get to bed, good night.



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My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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  1. All your food here looks delicious. I’m sorry to hear about your husband losing his job, I hope everything works out for you and soon!


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