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I think I have a really good excuse for not blogging all week. We upgraded our internet service,the plan was I get a new smartphone and we use it as a hotspot for our internet, yay new phone, right?  Supposedly (I’m no tech genius, don’t quote me) when you use your phone for a hotspot the batteries drain really quick, so I plugged it in and started a blog and was doing a few other things when BAM, nothing I thought maybe I wasnt charging it right so plugged it in somewhere else. The phone had no life left to it, and I noticed it was really hot to touch. We took it back and heard a lot of “I’ve never seen this happen before” and they sold out of my phone but they would have more the next day. Next day new phone hop online maybe two hours later, dead phone. yes, I ended up with not one, but two defective phones. We have another one now and so far so good, but if it happens again…:(

Anyways on to food and other “good” things. We visited our local nursery this week and I bought these guys

Lettuce bowls, we’ve tried planting lettuce in the garden before, but we have really sandy soil which makes it just about impossible to get the lettuce clean, they were by one get one free,I couldn’t resist. We also bought some summer squash, eggplant , tomatoes, and cucumbers. There is probably more I just can’t think off-hand what hey are,these must be the ones I’m most excited about. We planted pumpkins and we have to have GIANT pumpkins and green beans and carrots from seed.

See the itty bitty plants

I’m already feeling impatient and hate the thought that I still have to get store-bought for another month.

This week has been really beefy(grilling hamburgers is just so easy) my son loves cheeseburgers and my husband volunteers to make them so why not? I must admit that hamburgers were getting old, I had a craving for meatloaf, but since it was a thousand degrees outside Duane made hamburgers. We were out of buns and too lazy to run to the sore so the kids used bread. I decided to get a bit creative and heated up a couple of cans of black beans, I drained and rinsed them then added chili powder, and cumin. I did two cans because I thought we could have burritos for lunch this week (more on that in a minute) with the help of my two new friends and a can of corn I made a salad.

I topped it with some salsa, and ranch dressing, and threw some light sour cream on the burger. I love Daisy light, it actually tastes like sour cream. I had tortilla chips too but I didn’t eat very many of them.


Tricking the kids

Last night we finally had the meatloaf I’ve been craving even though I wasn’t real excited about actually making it. I hate touching raw meat,so gross. I have the worst time getting my daughter to eat vegetables and I’ve been trying to think of ways into “tricking” the kids into eating things they normally wouldn’t. I decided it was time to put those black beans to use with the help of my food processor.

After shewing all the kids out of the kitchen I ground the beans till they were kind of pasty. My daughter came in and asked what I was making, I told her meatloaf and she just looked at the food processor. Despite my best efforts to get dinner finished, her ride came and she took off to stay at a friends. Sadly I’m sure no veggies will be consumed at that sleepover. I mixed the beans in the meat, I basically used the recipe on the back of a Lipton onion soup box. I’m out of real onions so I just followed that one, but I think just about any recipe can be modified to suit your tastes/needs. I had mine on bread with leftover gravy, and broccoli.

Mr. Picky loved it, he knew I did something to it but he couldn’t tell what. Cedric ate it up and Wyatt ate some( I don’t know how that kid hasn’t blown away yet) Picky JR on the other hand took one bite and deemed it inedible ah, well you can’t win them all.

I haven’t worked out yet, my breakfast had too much sugar and I crashed and burned from my sugar high shortly after breakfast. Now That I had lunch (hello meatloaf sandwich) I feel energized again and feel like I can squeeze in a workout of some kind. Have a great rest of your weekend.




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My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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