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Foodie fight

I’m not quit sure what the definition of a foodie is, but my friends think I’m one. I think a foodie (is foodie supposed to be capitalized?) is a person who likes high quality food with out a lot of fillers and veggies that haven’t been sprayed with a bunch of chemicals. Feel free to tell me if I’m wrong and give me the right definition.

A few weeks ago my MIL bought some Country time lemonade to which I told her I didn’t want the kids to have it. This last Sunday we had dinner at MIL’s and she made it. The Victoria took it because she’s not on the foodie bandwagon and at almost 15 I’ve about given up on her eating because she doesn’t want to listen anyways.  With Damian though I stepped in before my SIL could give him some. When he asked why he couldn’t have it I just showed him the ingredient list (yes I am teaching my kids to read labels) and told him lemonade should only have three ingredients, lemons , sugar, and water, he chose milk instead. Needless to say MIL wasn’t real pleased with me, now don’t get me wrong, I love my MIL (how many women can say that) but she seems to be constantly fighting me over this. When I say the kids can’t have something she thinks a little wont hurt, she’s even told me that at Grandmas they can have whatever they want. I’m also not saying I don’t give the kids treats, but I prefer to make them myself so I know whats going in them. This food fight will go on forever.

I sometimes wonder though if I’m not making my boys overly picky and annoying to others around us. I know Damian will drive Victoria up the wall with his need to check the calories on the dressing or the ketchup after he’s noticed how much she took (she’s not on the portion control bandwagon either). I know I annoy my good friend when we come over because I refuse to let my kids drink the stuff her kids drink. Damian once spent the night at her house and refused to eat her cooking because he had overheard me complain about how fatty it was (oops).

I know I’m not perfect and I do have food slipups, but for the most part we try our best to keep it healthy. Sometimes I feel like I’m constantly defending my family’s food choices, I know it’s different from the norm, but I also know it’s better. I’m not going to give up the Foodie fight because I know it’s a battle worth fighting for, and so is the health of my family.


About withasideofbrownies

My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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