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Hungry equals cranky

Thats what my whole family was this evening,cranky. We needed to head to Bay City today because a relative of my husband passed. The plan was to get there at three and leave by five for dinner, I know that sounds quick but funeral homes and little kids don’t mix (not my kids anyways).

What, I am the picture of innocence

Now for those of you who know us you know we rarely make it anywhere on schedule. Duane had to add a layer onto the beehive, which took forever and since I had the boys haircut in the morning everyone needed a bath. At 3:30 I went out and drug Duane away from his bees. I think we left just before five.

We made it up north without any issues the kids were unusually well behaved (I like that) but not long after we got there Cedric started to complain he was hungry. I don’t blame him because I was so hungry I think I could feel my stomach shrinking.

Once we left the building and got in the van the grumpiness set in, Cedric wanted Burger King, Victoria wanted to argue, and I got fed up and said we were going straight home. Bay City must be an hour away, things weren’t looking good.

Duane finally stepped in and decided we were going out to eat  anyways. Richard and Nancy (MIL and FIL) gave Duane a gift certificate to Outback for his birthday and they made sure it was  enough to feed all of us so they wouldn’t have to baby sit because they love us.

We were ready to eat the furniture by the time we got there. Once we got seated we proceeded to eat four loaves bread.

oops, get out he camera than eat

Their bread is so good, I started eating before I remembered I actually brought my camera. It didn’t feel awkward at all taking pictures in Outback. If I can remember to bring the camera I might just get the hang of this.

The Bloomin Onion was pulverized before I got a picture too.

By the time our entrees arrived we had slowed down so I still have everything on my plate here, I ordered the sirloin because it’s my fave there, and I must have shrooms with my steak, love them.

 Yes I know I didn’t make the healthier choices by not getting the steamed veggies, but we so rarely go there I got the potato for a change (it does not contain sour cream, so that helps)

We left there with full bellies and I had happy babies once again. As a matter of fact this is what Cedric did on the way home.

Happiness is a belly full of mac n cheese

All the babies are asleep now and I think I’ll join them, goodnight 🙂


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My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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  1. Sounds like you have your hands full!! I haven’t been to the outback in so long! I loved their blommin onion! SO GOOD!


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