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First corn

Remember this guy

Little corn

It looks like this now

And the other night we got to eat this

Seriously, corn is the big thing around here, as soon as the ground is soft enough my father in law is out with the tractor tilling and the corn gets planted, then more gets planted then maybe a third round goes in. Mom and Dad went Up North so we ended up with the first corn 🙂 Now just bring on the tomatoes and my life will be complete 🙂

Journey of 2300 miles

Most of you know we took two weeks of our life to travel to Texas this month. I have family there and we also thought Duane might be able to find work there. It didn’t work out, one because we were severely homesick and two because the area we chose (just outside of Houston) is about to be (for lack of a better word) devastated by the closing of NASA, meaning we wouldn’t be any better off . It’s hard to watch the downfall of our home state because of the closing of the car factories, I don’t want to risk uprooting our lives just to see it again.

On a positive note, my kids can now say they’ve been able to see nine different states in 12 days (well technically 4). My dogs came too though I think Loki may have seen more yet, she was the most excited.


With the exception of a few queasy tummies in the beginning the trip both ways without a hitch. We avoided NASCAR traffic by taking back roads in Kentucky, but the views of the Kentucky river made it worth it.

Once we were in Texas we got caught in a traffic jam for 45 minutes and gave the cars on the other side of the road a show when we had to pull onto the shoulder to let Damian pee, ahh the memories my kids will have of this trip 😉

We really didn’t do much besides spend time with family, the most interesting food was made by my cousin’s wife.

The only way I can describe them is that it was like a pork rind made out of dried shrimp,and fried in fish oil. I ate one, cant blog about food and not be willing to try new foods.

Our last day there we took the kids to Galveston so they could see the ocean, we didn’t take swim suits because we were told that we didn’t want to swim in the ocean because the water is too cold, not so in the Gulf. The water was warm and really nice so the kids ended up going in their clothes (Duane my big kid too)

On the way home we went through Louisiana. we drove over a bridge that was 18 miles long and over a bayou, its amazing how quickly you can get the kids attention by saying “there’s alligators down there”. Some parents may balk or say I’m crazy (some I’m related to) but I will never by my kids any hand held gaming systems because if they had them the world would go by and they’d miss it.



Once again the dog was just way too happy

I am the (burger) queen and I demand that you drive forever!

After 12 long days we finally made it home. Yay!

I need to go make lunch, I’ll bore you with the details of my bad eating habits later 😉 Have a good one.




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My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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