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Family togetherness and a zucchini recipe

Good news, I found a really easy recipe for Lemon zucchini cupcakes . Bad news, we ate them all before I even thought to take a picture, sorry. It’s a recipe from The Cooking Chicks, click on the link for the recipe, do it now, they are awesome 🙂

Wow, I’ve been seriously MIA from the blogging world (did anyone miss me?) whats not to miss, my crazy random animal pictures or my typing the first thing that pops into my head and forcing you to read it (I’m not really forcing you am I?). I’m pretty sure when the kids (all four sniff, sniff) go to school I’ll have more time for blogging, in between possibly getting my first job in gasp 10 years and (hopefully) going back to school to pursue my writing dreams (more on that some other time). I’ll make more time for you, I promise.

Once I get back into my groove I’ll stop with these should have been posted three days ago posts too, but here it is. Sunday I drug my family on a hike (literally, the kids didnt want to go) I thought it would be a good family outing and a great way to get in some exercise

We're happy

After some complaining about not hitting the beach right away we hit the trails. The first thing that happened is Damian stumbled across a yellow jacket hive at the start  and ended up getting stung. I made up some mud and put it on the sting and we were good to go. (I saw that trick in Parents magazine, remember what works for me wont always work for others especially if the person is allergic).

After a few minutes the complaints turned to giggles and we were off. We didnt have a map except for the trail guides to tell us where we were so I didnt realize how long the trail was, I googled the park when I got home and it turned out it was 6.4 miles. Damian and Cedric probably went further because they kept running ahead then back to us. It was a beautiful day with views like this,

The kids had a good time.

peek a boo

My family is adorable 🙂

After the hike the kids finally made it to the beach and had a blast in the water. When I got home I logged the hike on Sparkpeople, my fitness tracker said I burned 435 calories, not bad for an afternoon of fun with my kids.

Tooting my horn:

Some of these are a bit late in coming but you can check me out here. Tina a Faith fitness fun has been sharing our strengths. I was on vacation and didn’t give this the attention it deserved but I thank Valencia from Fit Momma v for featuring me.

Babble is having a popularity contest for the top 100 mom food bloggers and my cousin Betty nominated me (thanks Betty!)click on the link to vote for me right now you can find me at number 306 or you can do it alphabetically.

Catch you later.

What are your favorite yellow squash and zucchini recipes?


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My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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