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Saturday in Flint was the annual CRIM Festival of Races. I was slightly bummed because though I didn’t announce it to the whole world, I would have like to have taken part. I told my husband at the beginning of the year I wanted to do a 5k. This somehow just didn’t work out, I am not a true runner. I didn’t run last winter, I didn’t run last spring because it was really wet, I ran occasionally when it started to warm up. Then Duane lost his job, school was out and I had no reason (so I thought) to get up in the morning, then it was too hot to run. We went to Texas for two weeks in July, it was way too hot to run. So here I was out of shape and without a steady income I couldn’t justify spending money to enter a race, so no CRIM 😦

Saturday I was on Twitter and I seen a tweet by@ amberstarr82 stating they were running the Crim, I had to tweet back

Annette Brown
sideofbrownies Annette Brown
Me too, I’m angry I didn’t even try, next year. “@amberstarr82: Next year I’m running the CRIM. Mark my word, I wanna do it.”
Next thing I know Amber and I were discussing how it was doable for next year if we prep, and now we have no excuses.  so at this point I decided I better go for a run, and I also decided I’m going to share every grueling step with you (wont that be fun)
This was when my Garmin decided to act weird (I should read the manual) so I ditched it, just as well I think I went a mile and walked most of it. I’ll blame my shoes this time, I wore my old ones because my lovely Labmaraner Nani decided to chew the laces off my good shoes and I keep forgetting to get new ones (another non runner sign, I’m pretty sure a real runner would have been all over this)
I have been too lazy and have gotten out of shape, not cool.
Today I redeemed myself (sorta) for Saturdays less than stellar run.

Mileage Tracking

See Report  Add Mileage
GOAL:  Walk/Run 6 Miles per Week    Change

29 2 14 Min/Mile
WEEKLY TOTALS / WEEKLY GOAL: 2 / 6 ALLTIME TOTAL:24.72 Miles 2011 TOTAL:24.72 Miles


See Report Add Cardio
MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI Cardio Plan     Change           Stretch After Cardio
   Walk 15 min/mile 29 131
This is from my Sparkpeople  fitness tracker.
My heel and ankle started hurting on my way back so I walked for quit a while, when I was almost home the pain had worked its way out so I decided I was going to make it home in 30 minutes. I did.
If your still with me thanks for sticking around through this post, and I hope you stick with me as I go through the rain snow and mud on my way to become a “real” runner 🙂

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My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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