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Titles are overrated

Especially when you can’t think of a good one. I know this one certainly isn’t going to get me found on Google anytime soon but my mind is mush these days. One would think with all this new found freedom I have now that all the boys are in school I’d be cooking and exercising and thinking up all kinds of great things for you to read, there just isn’t a lot there right now 😦

I’ll give you a run down of the past few weeks though. The kids all started school

Waiting on the bus

With our new found freedom we have been walking the dogs more, but that’s the only exercise we’ve been getting (I say we because Duane still doesn’t have a regular day job yet) Our plans to hit the gym everyday till one or both of gets a job have kind of gone out the window :p

We are getting back on the eating right wagon fairly well, I still am having a bit of trouble losing the sugary drinks. I havent been making too much of a pig of myself, but there are those times…


My sister-in-law KK made those hats for her daughter’s birthday, I wish I was creative.

So getting to some food here, today I used a Living Social coupon/ voucher to a restaurant called Bangkokone a Thai place in Flint.We used to go there all the time when we lived in Flint but the one we were used to closed. I must admit that since I no longer live in Flint I’m a tad afraid to go into some parts of the city and had I been paying closer attention to the address I most likely wouldn’t have bought it. Our adventures today took us to the East side of Flint today (yay) where since it was Living Social I decided to be brave and get a vegetarian meal.

Pad Thai Tofu

I gave half to my daughter because she got home right after we did, it tasted ok but I wasnt a big fan of the sauce. The tofu was a hundred times better than the junk I try to cook. Then I had some trouble with a couple of sneaky cats trying to steal my food.

Unfortunately some of my pictures seemed to have disappeared from my computer so you only get one cute kitty photo (for now). Did I mention I got a couple of new cats in May, we found them in the back yard when they were itty bitty things. Then one of my older cats ran a way (Pippin).

I had to laugh because had the cats gotten a hold of my food I think they wold have been disappointed not only was it Tofu, but it was spicy, and I don’t think they would have liked it too well.

My kids are loving school this year, which makes me happy. Usually Damian hates it and then that makes the rest of us miserable for him. Victoria had a bit of trouble at first, but then it is her first year of high school. Damians new teacher is against the kids bringing in cookies and chips for snack, so she already rocks in my book 🙂

I think it’s time I quit here and get to bed, have a good night 🙂







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My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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