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Hockey and a cat rescue

One of the things (and there are very few) I miss most about not having a television is watching hockey, Detroit Red Wings Hockey. So to keep up with whats going on I follow them on Facebook. A few weeks ago they had a deal, if we bought that day we could get tickets for eleven dollars!! There was no way I could pass that up. last night was the night.

Dinner was McDonald’s (tell me again why I can’t zip my coat) unpictured because we see enough of that junk on TV (well you do) and then we set off for our hour and a half drive to Detroit.

We got to this point after driving around the block, stopping to ask some guy for directions, and parking in a garage ($15 yikes) about a block away. Downtown Detroit is madness, luckily our phones have GPS, and with three little kids I was glad there are tunnels leading from the garage to The Joe. So after a quick stop at the port o potties (smart thinking whoever came up with that) we went in.

Looks like we’re pretty high up there, heh. We were in the very last row, but that was ok. Cedric and Wyatt were not all that interested so their constant jumping around didn’t really bother anybody. We had almost the whole row to ourselves, and the young guys in front of us ignored us. We tried our best to cheer them on to the win but in the last minute (literally) The Minnesota Wild scored, then scored again in overtime, but we wont think about that anymore. We caved during the game and bought our kids hotdogs and pop (yes after McDonald’s) but it was supposed to be fun and if feeding them kept them from complaining just a little longer than so be it.

We then got turned around on the way out and ended up circling the block three times while my phone stayed a step behind every turn, ugh. we finally got our sleeping (yay) children home about midnight (yes, it was a school night).

I let the dogs out and the cats in but one of them didn’t show up. I called Skippy a couple of times but he didn’t come, then we heard meowing. My poor (dumb) kitty had gotten stuck in a tree :/ so Duane climbed the tree and brought him back down 🙂

Skippy with his sister Dottie draped over him, both perched atop Duane

Everyone is happily purring in the house now 🙂

Because of Monday being Halloween we ate dinner with the fam, I made tacos (not meatless) and last nights dinner, such as it was tonight is our replacement Meatless Monday er Wednesday. I think we will have chili, Damian will most likely have peanut butter and jelly, sigh.


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My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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