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Wheres the pictures?

Hello, its my first post of the New Year; and we’re only nine days in, yay! If I could use one word to sum up hows it been going the word would be lazy. not bad lazy but we’ve been taking turns with some kind of virus and have been sitting around quit a bit.These words also tell you how our Christmas and New Years Eve went :p

aside from that I can’t show you much about our holidays either because I lost my camera, can you believe it (yes, yes you can) but here’s two pictures to sum up the kids gifts.

For the boys

The teenager made friends with this guy

I’m officially the best mom ever!

I think the weight loss front is going good, my clothes feel loser. I have yet to step on The Demon (AKA The scale) and yes I probably could sit here all day making up insulting names for said scale/Wii balance board, but I wont (today).

Kids are back in school my class start next week (I bet y’all can’t wait for me to start English so my grammar and punctuation will improve) and I’m working on organizing and cleaning my house (slowly).

All in all its been pretty dull around here, which is mainly why I haven’t blogged I don’t want to bore you too much. With my organizing I’m going to put together meal plans so I will have recipes and food ideas and (hopefully) pictures to share. I’m excited, this will be the first time I haven’t been just a SAHM in 10 years. Soon I’ll be a student and if all goes well a working Mom, eek!

Our biggest bit of excitement happened yesterday when a squirrel climbed through a vent and somehow managed to get into the toilet in my bathroom :/ of course this is when I figured out the camera was missing. Duane heard a splashing noise coming from the toilet so he opened the lid and a squirrel flew out. He shut the bathroom door and came and got me; What?!? to help him. Upon opening the door we discovered the squirrel had hidden behind the paneling (we live in a really old farmhouse) so while we were discussing whether or not to rip out the paneling when the squirrel came walking out. I quickly ran and opened the window (we had already taken the screen out) and he made his bid for freedom. I mentioned it on Facebook and my cousin Betty gave me a link to this video here.

Ok friends since it’s a new year I’m going to give you my info again so you can like follow or e-mail me:

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As always have a great day!


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My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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