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Thoughts for Thursday 4/12/12

The Hunger Games is just as awesome the second time around, I want to thank my niece Elana for having a birthday so I could take her 🙂

Yes Elana, I did just stick your face on my blog  🙂

Baby chickens are hard to find in tall grass, but if you step on them (lightly) they’ll come out of hiding real quick 😛

These chickens are much bigger now.

The two pictures I just loaded on the blog post I figured out how to resize the chick one and get the girls and I off Instagram  all by myself (claps hands).

I worked at the school gym yesterday, My legs hurt, but in a good way 🙂

I had popcorn for dinner, which is not helpful to my weight loss plan, but hey I had some grains and fiber right? right?

Lawn mowing season is upon us once again so tomorrow I will be home alone for the first time since January, It’s going to be so quiet, I might lose my mind :p

it’s late this chica needs to get to bed, good night all 🙂






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My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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  1. Cute! We’re starting to incubate 30 eggs today. Wish we could keep the chicks but since we’re in town, we can’t. : ( Fun day care activity anyway.


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