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Thoughts for Thursday 5/24/12

Wow, where have I been? Lets see finals came and went, I’m smart by the way. I figured that out last month 😉

The new spring semester has started and I;m taking accelerated Beginning Algebra, yeah I don’t recommend it. I’m starting to feel a little less smart.

Damian is going to be ten on Saturday, craziness my baby can’t be that old!

Tomorrow Duane and I are going to Ford Museum with him and his class. I despise class field trips, but I love my son. I felt terrible I was unable to go with Cedric and Wyatt for their end of the year trips. I say trips because they were scheduled on different days :p I’m taking the kids to the Detroit Zoo Saturday to make up for it.

I haven’t weighed in a while, I’m trying to focus on Non-scale – victories such as being able to lift heavier weights or not becoming so winded after I climb the three flights of stairs to my algebra class every morning.

I feel a sense of smug satisfaction when I see perfectly able people hop on the elevator as I pass them to hit the stairs, only to walk past the elevator as the doors are opening on the next floor and have them see me go by. 🙂

I have taken a ton of pictures, but I haven’t downloaded any of them.

I need to name my new camera, Duane bought me a Canon T3i for the photography classes I’ll be taking in the fall. I think it needs a good name, any suggestions?

I need to get to bed, I need to be alert to go running around with 60 10 year olds tomorrow. I’ll be back soon with pictures of all our Birthday fun, good night!




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My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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