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Birthdays and bad eats (not good bad, but bad bad)

Oh children of the 90’s unite and lets all sing some MJ together, just kidding :p. And now I have that song stuck in my head, and now so do you, ha ha 😀

I had a really long weekend full of fun one day and an unbelievably long homework assignment the next. Saturday was Duane’s birthday and my MIL had won some VIP passes to one of local radio stations annual free country music festival with Andy Gibson, Phil Vassar and Sara Evans (love her)

In the VIP section we could go into other sections and get by the stage to take pictures, how cool is that! Duane took this one.

We were fed lunch and had some seats pretty close up. Vicky and Damian went with us while the twins stayed with my FIL. Lunch was meh, I didn’t take any pictures but you all know what a hotdog looks like, there was also brats (I had two, with sauerkraut and mustard because Damian decided he didn’t want his) hamburgers  and potato salad. we’ve been trying to get our eating right together and this wasn’t our ideal, but it was free and we were hungry.

It was hot and Damian was a bit cranky but other than that we had a pretty good time. Dinner was fast food and I guess it was the lack of veggies because I was starving the whole evening.

For Fathers day I did homework while Duane was given free rein to play in the garage all day, I don’t think he could have been happier, that boy love his power tools 🙂 (and his babies)

After dinner we had birthday cake and ice cream

I took a picture of my empty plate because I forgot to  before I ate. One of my twitter/Instagram friends applesandglue (love her name) pointed it out so I took a pic of what was left. It was really good tasting but not good for me. Kind of the theme for the weekend.

Moving on, it’s a new day, a new week. I lost 1 pound last week putting me at 152 lbs. Hopefully when I weigh in Friday I will have fixed whatever damage I may have caused over the weekend.

Have a great day everyone 🙂






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My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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