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Summer vacation is in full swing here for the kids. I feel like I’m in maid mode, all I do is clean. :-/ Well I’m sure I do more than that, but it seems to be overshadowing the rest. Duane has a temporary job working for a lawn care business so he’s gone all day and it gets pretty boring without him around. What can I say, I’m crazy  about the guy.

This has been happening too!


We had six, and lost one within a couple of days. The picture shows five but we lost another unexpectedly. The kids have been handling the losses rather well, I really hate it when life tries to teach you lessons, it’s never fun.

Duane and I have joined Anytime Fitness, it’s been fun but I haven’t been doing  a great job training for the Crim. I may have to cut back on my strength training for the next month so I don’t die on the course.

I’m going to keep this short and make an attempt to get back to what this blog is supposed to be about. If I’m on the ball expect most posts at night because than I will have all my main meals photographed by then. Have a great day all!




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My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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