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Wet and Wacky (w)running Wednesday

Hello party people, miss me? I’m assuming you’ve guessed my the title of this post I ran today, and that it was raining? Did I ever mention I live in Michigan? So it was also cold during this run I ran today. Sadly no pictures (bad photography student). Anyway it was my first time running this year and I’m doing it in a running class. The class meets twice a week and then I have to run two days on my own for homework, I’m hoping this will do more to keep me motivated. I’m planning to get into the schools gym and lift two days a week as well, which will hopefully get me back on track to get to a point where I’m happy with the way I look. I did 1.2 miles in 14.22 minutes, which isn’t too bad for me. If I were a more consistent runner I probably would have more endurance and therefore would have a shorter time. But hey, I at least I’m still lapping the guy on the couch, and the various people who were laughing at my class from the parking ramp while we were stretching in the rain. 🙂

Monday we watched a really motivational video as well, and I’m going to leave you with that today.



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My name is Annette, I'm a married mom of four. I'm doing my best to learn to live and eat healthier and teach my family at the same time.

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