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My name is Annette and this is my blog about how I’m trying to live a healthier lifestyle with the help of my family. I’ve been married to Duane for 11 years and we have four adorable kids, Victoria 15, Damian 9, and twin boys Cedric and Wyatt 5. Join me and my brood as we adjust to farm life with two dogs, three cats, many chickens and a bee hive or two.

My journey began in 2009 when my husband Duane came home and said his company was holding a biggest loser contest and that he wanted to do it, and he wanted me to do it with him. We started and the weight started coming off, he won the contest for his building , I lost 20 pounds, but we didn’t give up our healthy habits and go back to old ways. Though its been a struggle for and I’ve since had a major setback and have regained much of the weight (nobodies fault but my own) we are not about to give up.

Please stick around and join us for the ups, and downs of trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle while trying to raise our Brownies and deal with naysayers. The journey has just begun.



My beautiful family


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