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Happy Super Galactic Halloween


I hope everyone had as much fun as we did! Go brush your teeth and have a wonderful night. ūüôā



Consorting with the enemy

Confession: I ate McDonald three, yes I said three times this weekend. Do I feel guilty,¬†surprisingly¬†no. I could come up with all kinds of excuses but I’ll be honest. Duane was working there painting some¬†light poles and as much as we¬†would¬†have loved to just hop in the truck and drive somewhere else, it was just more convenient to walk in to¬†McDonalds¬†and order food there.

See my husband dangle, I’m also surprised I¬†didn’t¬†freak out every time he stepped foot in that thing.

Convenience definitely  has a downside though, my stomach is feeling pretty rotten this week.

I’m planning a post with how I’ve been feeling about my food, health and exercise soon. I¬†mainly¬†wanted to check in with my few readers I have and let everyone know I’m still alive.

My eating over the weekend¬†didn’t¬†really have any ups, I skipped dinner on¬†Friday¬†night because I sent my yucky chicken back and decided I¬†didn’t¬†feel like eating anyways. We were in Coloma MI and down the street there was a couple of chocolate places where I tried chocolate covered bacon for the first time. I¬†didn’t¬†hate it, but I¬†didn’t¬†love it either. I’ll have to try it again to decide.

So I hope this post finds everyone well, I hope to get another in this week. Have a good day.







Whats been going on

Summer vacation is in full swing here for the kids. I feel like I’m in maid mode, all I do is clean. :-/ Well I’m¬†sure¬†I do more than¬†that, but it seems to be overshadowing the rest. Duane has a temporary job working for a lawn care¬†business¬†so he’s gone all day and it gets pretty boring without him around. What can I say, I’m crazy ¬†about¬†the¬†guy.

This has been happening too!


We had six, and lost one within a couple of days. The¬†picture¬†shows¬†five but we lost another¬†unexpectedly. The kids have been¬†handling¬†the losses rather well, I really hate it when life tries to teach you lessons, it’s never fun.

Duane and I have joined Anytime Fitness, it’s been fun but I¬†haven’t¬†been doing ¬†a great¬†job training for the Crim. I may have to cut back on my¬†strength¬†training for the next month so I¬†don’t¬†die on the course.

I’m going to keep this short and make an attempt to get back to what this blog is supposed to be about. If I’m on the ball expect¬†most¬†posts at¬†night¬†because than I will have all my main meals photographed by then. Have a great day all!



Birthdays and bad eats (not good bad, but bad bad)

Oh¬†children¬†of the 90’s unite and lets all sing some MJ together, just kidding :p. And now I have that song stuck in my head, and now so do you,¬†ha ha¬†ūüėÄ

I had a¬†really¬†long weekend full of¬†fun one¬†day and an¬†unbelievably¬†long homework assignment the next.¬†Saturday¬†was¬†Duane’s¬†birthday and my MIL had won some VIP passes to one of local radio stations annual free country music festival with Andy Gibson, Phil Vassar and Sara Evans (love her)

In the VIP section we could go into other sections and get by the stage to take pictures, how cool is that! Duane took this one.

We were fed lunch and had some seats pretty close up. Vicky and Damian went with us while the twins stayed with my FIL.¬†Lunch¬†was meh, I¬†didn’t¬†take any pictures but you all know what a hotdog looks like, there was also brats (I had two, with sauerkraut and mustard because Damian decided he¬†didn’t¬†want his) hamburgers ¬†and potato salad. we’ve been trying to get our eating right together and this¬†wasn’t¬†our ideal, but it was free and we were hungry.

It was hot and Damian was a bit cranky but other than that we had a pretty good time. Dinner was fast food and I guess it was the lack of veggies because I was starving the whole evening.

For Fathers day I did homework while Duane was given free rein to play in the garage all day, I¬†don’t¬†think he could have been happier, that boy love his power tools ūüôā (and his babies)

After dinner we had birthday cake and ice cream

I took a picture of my empty plate because I forgot to  before I ate. One of my twitter/Instagram friends applesandglue (love her name) pointed it out so I took a pic of what was left. It was really good tasting but not good for me. Kind of the theme for the weekend.

Moving on, it’s a new day, a new week. I lost 1 pound last week putting me at 152 lbs. Hopefully when I weigh in¬†Friday I will have fixed whatever¬†damage¬†I may have caused over the weekend.

Have a great day everyone ūüôā





Stairs, and hikes, and kittens, oh my!

I’m a lazy blogger, I am at school four days a week and¬†two¬†of those days I¬†literally¬†have nothing to do for three hours. More often than not you can catch me taking a nap in the car while¬†I’m¬†waiting for¬†Duane¬†instead of doing my homework, or blogging. I¬†don’t¬†want to bore you too much so if I¬†don’t¬†really have much to say, I just¬†don’t.

I can’t add much to the weight loss side of things because the one time I weighed in Aunty F. was getting ready for her visit (sorry guys, TMI) so I¬†don’t¬†really think it was accurate. But if you must know I weighed in at 153 lbs.¬†I have¬†weighed that before and I must say I don’t feel like I weigh that in comparison to last time.¬†That’s¬†for a post in the near future.

On the exercise front I’m doing really good right now. I hit the gym every¬†Tuesday¬†and¬†Thursday¬†for some strength training and I also have a massive amount of stairs to climb. I have math on the third floor so I take the stairs for that, then down. On¬†Thursdays¬†I usually go back up them to meet Duane before his next class and then we walk over to a¬†different¬†building¬†where¬†we climb these massive things to the top.

View from the top

Cute little couch isn’t it ūüôā

I usually end up doing those more than once because I walk him to class (I know¬†I’m¬†so nice) then I walk over to the gym. After that I usually come back and do my homework on the third floor ( when¬†I’m¬†not napping)

When I’m not at¬†school¬†I try to get my family out for a hike by the beach, then we have these stairs to deal with

Can you see Cedric at the very top?

Its a bit hard to get the kids out the door, but once we are there I think everyone has a good time.

With¬†views like this who¬†wouldn’t.

All the pictures on here today were taken with my phone, I’m in love with Instagram!

As for the kittens in my title, my cat is preggo, Damian calls her PC all the time. I think they should be here any day, she looks it anyways.

Kitteh belleh

Yes I know she’s on the table, she has become really bold about trying to get our food, if¬†you’ve¬†ever been pregnant I’m sure you understand :). After this I will¬†defiantly¬†be on the ball about getting her fixed, I’m usually not this¬†irresponsible¬†when it comes to getting my pets fixed but I seemed to have dropped the ball this time around :-/

I¬†don’t¬†have any pictures of my food lately, I need to start that again so I will be more responsible/ accountable. I should go do some homework but just want to leave ya with a bit of inspiration before I go ūüôā ( I took this at the gym)


Thoughts for Thursday 5/24/12

Wow, where have I been? Lets see finals came and went, I’m smart by the way. I figured that out last month ūüėČ

The new spring semester has started and I;m taking accelerated¬†Beginning¬†Algebra, yeah I¬†don’t¬†recommend¬†it. I’m starting to feel a little less smart.

Damian is going to be ten on¬†Saturday, craziness my baby can’t be that old!

Tomorrow¬†Duane¬†and I are going to Ford Museum with him and his class. I¬†despise¬†class field trips, but I love my son. I felt terrible I was unable to go with Cedric and Wyatt for their end of the year trips. I say trips because they were scheduled on different days :p I’m taking the kids to the Detroit Zoo¬†Saturday¬†to make up for it.

I¬†haven’t¬†weighed in a while, I’m trying to focus on Non-scale – victories such as being able to lift heavier weights or not becoming so winded after I climb the three flights of stairs to my algebra class every morning.

I feel a sense of smug satisfaction when I see perfectly able people hop on the elevator as I pass them to hit the stairs,¬†only¬†to walk past the elevator as the doors are opening on the next floor and have them see me go by. ūüôā

I have taken a ton of pictures, but I¬†haven’t¬†downloaded any of them.

I need to name my new camera, Duane bought me a Canon T3i for the photography classes I’ll be taking in the fall. I think it needs a good name, any suggestions?

I need to get to bed, I need to be alert to go running around with 60 10 year olds tomorrow. I’ll be back soon with pictures of all our Birthday fun, good night!



Eggselent News!

Good morning! I hope everyone id having a great day. I know I’m being annoyingly perky this morning, I¬†can’t¬†help it :p

I have an announcement that I’ve been sitting on for a few days, mainly¬†because¬†of power outages and home work. After making sure my Schedule was clear and staring at the computer screen for a good half hour I did it. I registered for the Crim¬†in Flint. I registered for the 10 mile walk or run.¬†I’m so nervous and excited at the same time. So I’ll be sharing my training with you all now and letting you know how far I can successfully run without collapsing.

I also wanted to share a picture of our eggs compared to store-bought ones. I know its nothing compared to what I just shared ūüėČ but I thought they were kind of interesting.

Bellas' brown eggs

The white ones are supposed to be large eggs, the brown ones come from our free range chicken.

The size difference is just crazy, and they taste so much better.

OK, I’m done boring you with eggs this morning, I’m waiting at financial aid and I probably should get packed up, have a great day!