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I think about this blog every day, I just have not had anything good to say lately. But since its Friday I’ll tell you some random things that have been going on. Some things may be a little bit too much information, sorry about that, but that’s why you love me right? Right?    crickets.

1. I don’t want to put a label on myself but I’ve been trying to avoid eating meat because I was sick and eating it made me feel worse. I had some hamburger in some chili and I regretted it the next day, don’t worry I wont go into details.

2. My Wii balance board is broken, I’ve been using that as an excuse to not weigh in.

3. I have a classic white girl shape which is to say I have a flat behind. Through squats and lunges I’ve managed to build my self  a pretty nice um,… butt. (at least my hubby thinks so) because of this I have an irrational fear of losing it. I am probably the only woman in the world who asks their husband if my butt looks big and hopes he says yes.

4.  Heres the biggie, I ate a cherry pie last week. the. whole. pie… and it was good. (it took me a few days to do it)

5. I’m lazy, but I think you knew that because otherwise I’d be blogging more and telling you about all my awesome workouts. Truth is if it wasn’t for taking phys ed classes I signed up for at school I probably would hardly work out. I love working out, I just have trouble forcing myself to do it. But if a getting 4 point is on the line you can bet I’ll be at every class working my tail off (on).

Ok, I’ll stop boring you all with my craziness for one day. However if your interested in more of my ramblings you can find me here, or here.  (Facebook or Twitter) Have a happy Friday!