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That word was thrown out a lot during my Careers in Photography class yesterday. Passion, do I have enough of it. I like to think that I love to write, but then my blog goes untouched. I like to think I want to be a photographer, but then my camera stays at home most of the time. I continually say I need to get back in the game and get healthy and strive to meet my goal weight,but then I backslide.

I do have passion, passion for my family, so I should be doing what I can to make sure I’m around a good long time for them. I have been working on eating healthier, and as a result I lost three pounds. Two of which I gained back last week. But oh the feeling to see that scale go back down again, a thrilling wonderful feeling of accomplishment. But then the next week I could almost see myself as Peter Parker in Spiderman 2. The scene where he takes a running leap off the building in the hopes he can regain his spidey Mojo, only as he’s triumphantly flying through the air screaming “I’M BACK” he suddenly realizes he’s not and comes crashing to the ground. (can you tell I have sons?) Yeah, that oh crap feeling in the pit of your stomach, it was there.

My weigh in day is Sunday, why I chose that day I’m not sure. It almost seems like I’m begging for trouble by doing it at the end of the weekend, so it probably will change.

Do you miss the pictures of my food, and the workout updates? I need to start carrying my camera everywhere, so I see no reason why I shouldn’t have more food photos. My laziness is getting in the way of my passion for the things I like to do, writing, photography, and working out. I miss having a good sweaty workout.

My weight gain is showing this month finally in small health issues. I have had heartburn like crazy lately, I’m tired way too often, and my cycles are going off track. (sorry guys) if these are not reasons enough to get healthy I have five more living in my house. Duane has gained a bit of wight and he’s not real happy with his soft exterior either. This is becoming a family affair so that will make it easier in the long run. Hmm, long run, I need to start getting back into that too!

I need to start getting ready for class soon, the nerdy side of me is excited about having English today. 🙂 Have a good one!